Robert D. Bouchard

Les Prasad, DDS

Robert D. Bouchard is the founder and CEO of Growth Point Dental Coaching. He is passionate about business and spent the last 25 years building successful businesses from the ground up. After working with national dental consulting companies, dentists, and dental teams all over the country, Rob created a unique form of dental coaching combining business and marketing systems, life coaching, business consulting, strategic intervention, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Psych-K, and several other technologies, into a dynamic program that gets massive results and explosive growth. It has been his mission to positively impact, inspire, and transform the lives of all of his dentists and teams for the last 10 years.

 Rob’s leadership skills, strategic thinking, and business knowledge enable him to form strong partnerships within any type of business and successfully execute business transformation and growth. "I knew we were going to make an impact, but I didn't realize the life changing results we were going to achieve with the doctors and teams that whole heartedly embraced our system. It has been truely extraordinary."  

Rob has been studying the conscious and subconsious mind, human behavior and communications,  and business and life coaching for the last 12 years and has worked with Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Cloe' Madanes just to name a few. He brings these essential tools and cutting edge technologies into the practice to help his clients achieve their desired success. Rob is a skilled facilitator, a leader of training programs, and an expert in goal setting and team building. Robert D. Bouchard is THE EXPERT in the business of dentistry. 

Rob's hobbies are traveling, working out, reading, racquetball, golf, and spending quality time with his family.

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Dr. Les Prasad was educated in India before pursueing graduate dental training at the University of Minnesota. Additionally, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston for four years. Dr Prasad has since completed postgraduate training in costemic dentistry at the University of San Francisco and the Rosenthal Institute to ensure that his dental skills are on the cutting edge of his profession. 

Dr. Prasad is a general dentist and expert in cosmetic dentistry. He has owned six successful dental practices over the last 35 years. While still a practicing dentist, Dr. Prasad has been all over the world teaching the art of case presentation and the lastest procedures in costemic dentistry. He joined the Growth Point team as the head of the clinical department in 2015 because he has a passion to share all of the incredible knowledge that he has acquired over his brilliant career and make a difference in the dental world. He is dedicated to delivering top quality dental care focusing on health, disease prevention, and cosmetics in a relaxing setting. 

Dr. Prasad's hobbies include reading, swimming and traveling with his wife and daughter.  

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Sherri Sylvia is the marketing director and event planner for Growth Point Dental Coaching. She is a life and fitness coach and an expert in the hospitality industry. Sherri brings her Ritz Carlton philosophy of "Romancing the Patient" into every office that we work with.  Sherri always says; "Work with Growth Point to create your ultimate vision for your business; Then we will transform your team into ambssadors of the vision of your practice and turn patients into raving fans for life that are walking advertisements for your business!" 

Sherri's hobbies are yoga and fitness training, traveling the world, and living every single day with the mantra, "How can I make this even better!" 

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Sherri Sylvia