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Decide to make a change in your business or in your life and call for your free consultation. Commit to a process of discovering your highest intent, or the best version of your business or yourself while attaining the results you've only dreamed of in the past.

Then transform every area of your life. Transform your business. Transform your relationships. Transform your health & fitness. Transform your heart & soul.

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Find Your Growth Points

-Picture having the ultimate dream team. Where every team member absolutely supports every other member of the team with one common goal... To live the vision of the practice each and every day!

-Picture every team member taking complete ownership of their position.

-Picture a well trained and fully supported team members with smiles on their face working together seamlessly.

-Picture a happy and fulfilled team,

-Picture happy and grateful patients,

-Picture more time and less stress,

-Picture crushing your goals,

-Picture all of it.....


If you can picture it in your mind,

you can hold it in your hand. ~ Bob Proctor


Now lets make it happen!!!

The Dream Team

There is a reason that the best teams have the best coaches, and the best coaches have the best teams.  It is a partnership based on results.

Workshops and seminars are paramount in bringing a group of staff members that work together, and transforming them into an impeccable team with a common goal to live the vision of the practice. From full day workshops and seminars, to weekly/monthly team meetings, to training sessions, to morning huddles, to one on one coaching, you and your team will have all the training and support to get massive results. 


We will find all your Growth Points and coach you to your ultimate practice and an ultimate life.

The Growth Point Dental Coaching program includes:


  • A full practice analysis and opportunity and possibility assessment.
  • Vision and team building.
  • Full and half day workshops.
  • In office team meetings.
  • Coaching calls.
  • Monitoring systems.
  • Yearly annual planning and goal setting seminar.
  • Administrative protocols.
  • Leadership, management, and communication skills.
  • Internal and external marketing.
  • So So So much more....
Customized Strategic Business Coaching

"How is Growth Point going to help me reach my goals,? " You ask...


Every business we coach is completely different and every individual client is absolutely unique. So first we work with the business owner to truly identify what it is that they really want for their life. All the areas of their life. From there we create a completely customized strategic business plan to bring them towards all of their goals. We help you to find the ultimate vision for your practice. The ultimate vision for all the areas of your life, and then we coach you towards getting those results. It's all about you... so dream big!
You only get one life... together lets make it extraordinary!!! 


You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don't hesitate, call today!